A used engine is as good as a new engine, but don’t just take our word for it. Do some research. The engine under the hood of your car is the most important component of a vehicle.  Without it, your car cannot run and is of little value to you. If you have been in an accident or neglected your engine to the point that it has stopped running, you may find yourself in the market for a new one.

While buying a new one can be expensive, it is usually cheaper than buying a whole new car. Buying a new one can be intimidating, and for good reason, since it can be expensive and complicated to find and replace.

Determine The Need To Buy A Used Engine

  • Verify – That you actually need a new engine by consulting with an expert.
  • Check oil usage – Is your car using more oil than it should?
  • Severe And Persistent Engine Knocking – A tell-tale sign that something is up.
  • Steam coming out – Overheating? Time to call the experts before your car experiences permanent damage.

By following these step-by-step directions, finding the perfect fit for your car can be a little less painful. You will need to give the following information so we can verify that a used engine is compatible with your car:

  • VIN Number – found on the VIN plate, which is located on the front section of the dashboard, on the left side of the vehicle. You can read it through the windshield.
  • Engine Code – Found on your license disk on the windshield of your car.
  • Production Date – Found on your license disk on the windshield of your car.

 Where Do I Get A Used Engine?

There are many suppliers that sell pre-owned car engines, so it is very wise you check with a reputable company that provides a guarantee and a place where you can locate a low mileage engine. Always check the history of the engine and then find a good mechanic to install it. All engines new or used needs to be maintained and checked on a regular basis.






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