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Our organization has 30 years’ experience in the auto parts business. During this time, many lessons have been learned and huge changes have taken place in the industry. Our success is due to the fact that we have had to change to suit the requirements and needs of our customers along with the industry. Traditionally the customer had the choice of either new parts at a huge cost or second-hand parts at a reduced rate. Our experience has been earned in the development of the second-hand parts industry.

Today it is all about quality parts/spares at the best possible price.

Backed by honest,genuine, authenthic service and back up

Local and worldwide trends are constantly changing, due to our dynamic marketing style that has also had to change to guarantee our successes. Our successes have always been based on our customers experience the best benefits possible.

Buying Quality Aftermarket Parts saves thousands of rand and the parts are normally original. Where OEM parts are not available aftermarket is sourced, our extensive worldwide travels prove that we have now been able to source the right brand of new products at almost the same price as what we could supply the second hand.

This alleviates and saves the buyer a lot of money and the hassle of trying many different companies to try and locate the correct parts at the best prices.

This has resulted in a shift of focus on our behalf, to sell quality new replacement parts for our preferred brands becoming a Total Solutions provider.


These parts are all manufactured to worldwide standards guaranteeing quality at the most affordable price.

We challenge anyone to check the quality of our parts.

We do not sell cheap parts but quality parts at a cheaper price. This is due to the fact that we are direct importers and run our businesses on extremely tight budgets & costing.


Part 1 of our belief, to be successful in today’s market, to have the facility to handle all the requirements of our customer’s needs. Each shop specialises in only 4 brands and has become known for their specialist advice on each part associated with each vehicle they stock.

Part 2 of our belief is to be a specialist and offer a total solution for your individual specification and need. A one stop shop for your specialised brand, end result being that a customer can buy all his required parts for his specific car from one shop. This would include panel beaters/workshops/private mechanics/engineering companies and the general public.

eg : 10 years ago, you stopped at your favourite petrol station for petrol, diesel, water or air for your car.


Today you stop there because they are a total solutions provider to you, still providing you with your necessity of petrol, diesel, water & air but offering extra in terms of a convenience to you and your family at one place, where now it’s just not your specialised petrol station but you can buy your basic necessities as well, eg refreshments, bread, coffee etc.

This has changed due to the demands of the modern business environment.

The “BOYZ” group of companies is embarking on a new marketing strategy by stocking new parts.This is to guarantee the ability to complete order lists

We believe the future of parts lie in providing, a “Total Solution” for the needs of the industry at the best possible price.

Our international sourcing ability combined with worldwide trends has created a path for our customers to benefit and save them money, we are happy to update our focus and adapt our business thinking and style.

Our 30 years of pioneering and experience can be easily passed on to a new perspective business owner.

What has taken us 30 years to learn & adapt can be thought in a matter of months.

Own your own business


“You drive it, we have spares/parts for it”


1. Good business acumen.
2. The commitment to achieve success.
3. Finances to make your dream a reality.
4. We will train and assist to get you to the top.

Hope this helps you to better understand our basic requirements.


Partsboyz request more info: please use email below.


Mr.John Hunt / Entrpreneur & Business Mentor

An encouragement to all entrepreneurs /Vusi Thembekwayo’s advice for a wannabe egg farmer

Question from: Daniel Moeletsi from Dennilton in Limpopo said he wanted to become an egg farmer, but he couldn’t get funding.

Thembekwayo responded:“We were actually confronted with a few of these cases. Often people come up with an end idea and want to get there without following a process. I often use the alphabet as an example. To get from A-Z, you need to go through each alphabet. And so it is with entrepreneurship.

An encouragment to all entrepreneurs /Vusi Thembekwayo’s advice for a wannabe egg farmer

“Young black entrepreneurs often want to skip the process and I tell them that they need to start with what they’ve got. Get the small things working and slowly build a track record.

“No one is going to give you money to get you where you are to where you want to be. You have to build small successes and build a track record. What do you know about eggs? Get into egg retail perhaps: build commercial skills, learn about margins, and learn who the end user is. Generate cash. Create discipline. After you have been selling eggs for a certain time, go to a funder and show your proof of credibility and gravitas.

“Take my graded entrepreneur process, instead of looking for blue sky funding. Find the right funding at the right level. Start small with 1 000 eggs and then get working capital funding to produce 10 000 eggs.

“So many people want to start at A and then get to Z without any process. They think Virgin happened in day. Richard Branson started one business, then a few more. He had some failures and closed some businesses down. Then he started building again and eventually became successful. That’s how it works.”

Consider yourself an entrepreneurial hero?


– 30 Years in the Auto Parts Business
– Market Leaders in the Industry
– Nominated for entrepreneurs of the year award 2009. (Business Partners KZN)
– Independent Importers
– Complete training and backup
– National advertising
– Constant Support systems
– Assistance with Finances Backed by Major Banks
– Dynamic Motivated Team of experts to help you
– Excellent Computer control system