Hi, unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 National Lockdown, our actual factory premises will be closed from BUT this does not mean we are unable to help you.
Please feel free to make contact with 1 of our specialists.

For Hyundai & Kia Spares call Kuben at 061 654 7620 … or Malusi at 074 136 4863 .. or Cyprian at 078 549 5353
For BMW Spares call Jarel at 078 247 0851 … or Mdu 064 0525 685
For Mercedes Spares call … 076 492 3111 or 074 922 5942
For Honda & Tata Spares call … Rui at  072 2969 224
For Landrover & Jeep Spares call Justin at … 062 2635 978
For Citroen & Peugeot Spares call Leon at … 078 336 1052
For Volvo, Spares call Stuart at … 082 4953 615
For Renault Spares call Shanton at … 066 0257 305 or Moses at … 078 5530 414

For the PARTSBOYZ TEAM- ALL SPARES-ALL CARS-ALL MODELS .. call Thamo at … 072 0239 701 or Evert at … 084 5493 146

Let’s be proactive and make a success of this
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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” – Henry Ford

“The Boyz Group” is your one stop shop that provides you with all spares from “bumper to bumper” We supply original used parts – OEM or aftermarket.

We are RMI approved. Our salesman are well trained in the brand that they specialize in. We are constantly learning and upgrading our current systems to ensure efficiency and quick service.

Replacement Car Parts! We have it! :Do you need replacement car parts for your car? we’re positive you can find the replacement car parts you need at Sparesboyz.

Used car parts ! Look no further :Sparesboyz your total solution for quality used Parts or Spares.


Used parts or Second hand car parts or spares basically originates from a smashed vehicle or an accident damaged vehicle that has been written off.When an accident damaged car is received into our yard, we follow a process called Stripping or Dismantling. The car is taken in and is stripped to its shell and every part is taken out carefully and cleaned, tested, re-packaged and ready for use has a good quality USED parts. Why would you purchase this part? ” Why not purchase, i ask you”. the outer of the car has just a cosmetic damage or just a side smash but the remaining of car is still in an excellent condition, A USED part is the original part that you would be looking for at an agent but at Sparesboyz, you getting the same original part at an affordable price BUT it has been stripped of an accident damaged vehicle. This USED part is actually saving you money and the hassle of sourcing it from an agent.. Same part at a better price. We stock a wide range of used parts and new parts that is suitable for :Bmw, Honda, Tata, Mercedes, Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong, Daewoo, Renault, Citroen, Volvo and Peugeot

Aftermarket Automotive Parts: These are basically generic parts that is affordable and a good alternative to the original part.

“Big and small, we have it all” from body panels, body parts, suspension, mechanical, electrical, interior, engines, gearboxes, fuel, cooling, steering, vent and brake systems.





The entrepreneurs, John Hunt & Paul Shannon have been in business together since 1988, having started and owned a number of successful businesses. In 1990, they started a company called Merbeda, which specialised in Mercedes Benz parts only. In 1991 they expanded this product range by opening a specialised company for Volkswagen, called Volksie, followed a year later with Beemer/ B + O which specialised in BMW parts.Through these companies, branches were opened in Johannesburg, East London and Port Elizabeth, resulting in 12 branches country wide. Expansions in these companies enabled Honda to be added to the Mercedes range, Audi to the VW range and Opel to the BMW range. These companies are still highly successful to this day. Our database exceeds 12000 potential suppliers worldwide with these relationships having been built over the last 20 years.


The brand “BOYZ” was initially established with SPARESBOYZ in 2004, specialising in Mercedes, BMW, Honda and Tata spares. Soon after, in 2005, KOREANBOYZ was launched, which added Korean makes of vehicles, including Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo and SsangYong. Koreanboyz then opened a branch in Cape Town in 2007. A later addition to the company portfolio in 2010 was EUROBOYZ, which sells parts in Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and Volvo.

Due to public demand the company grew and additional brands from our Sparesboyz range were added in 2014/2015 being Renault, Citroen, Dihatsu, Tata and Peugeot.

In August 2015 Mercedes was added with the remaining brands, to be added in early 2016, resulting in the official launch of “SPARESBOYZ “ Capetown.