Benefits of changing plug wire

The humble spark plug wire is the communication between your vehicle’s engine timing system (be it electronic or mechanical) and the spark plugs. This signal is vitally important. If the signal to spark isn’t received, the engine misses. You waste fuel and power. If the signal is too early or too late, you lose power and your engine can be damaged. While it seems like the signal should be carried by the plug wire without incident, spark plug wire isn’t as simple as they seem. First, the wires can become damaged. Second, the wires can “wear” and become less capable of conducting electricity. Third, plug wires can create electromagnetic waves that interfere with proper operation. Not all spark wires are equal – the specific type of wire you use on your engine can greatly affect performance. High voltage, high temperature, and highly advanced ignition systems have specific plug wire requirements. If you use the wrong wire (like those cheapo wires that you found on sale at the local auto parts store), they may fail prematurely. While you can’t actually add horsepower to your engine by buying a good set of plug wires, you can restore power that’s been lost. A good set of wires can improve idle quality, top-end performance, fuel economy, and even make engine starts faster and easier. Spark wires are merely conductors of moveable electricity but they can reduce the flow of electricity to the spark plug if the resistance is too great or if the plug wire is failing. It is so important to make sure your spark wires are in a very good condition always. On most vehicles, you should replace your spark wires at the same time as your spark plugs. Always make sure to ask a mechanic to advise you.

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