What is the difference between aftermarket and oem car parts

OEM and Aftermarket car parts do not differ much but let me explain the difference in detail. OEM parts are custom engineered by the vehicle manufacturer for a particular make and model of car. They’re made to fit the specifications of the vehicle. Aftermarket vehicle parts may or may not be made by the original manufacturer of a vehicle. Aftermarket parts may be made by third-party manufacturers and can be designed for a diverse range of vehicles. With OEM parts, you get the perfect match for your vehicle. Also, there is only one OEM component of a particular kind for your car, so there’s no need to compare the quality and price of dozens of different variants. The main advantage of most aftermarket parts is that they cost less than OEM parts. Also, aftermarket parts are much more widely available. Aftermarket parts manufactured by leading brands do match or sometimes even better quality than OEM parts. OEM and Aftermarket car parts is a great option for your vehicle. You just need to research the quality of the brand that you are buying. Make sure the supplier is well known in the automotive industry. Not all aftermarket parts are created equal. If you don’t stick with well-known, trusted brands, there’s the risk that you’ll end up with an inferior part – which may perform poorly or fail, compromising the performance and safety of your car. As a result, it’s important to choose only aftermarket spares and components made by reliable brands. Cheapest isn’t always best. Always keep a good record and it is good to ask about Aftermarket and OEM car parts when you visit your mechanic or your spares supplier. It is always great to keep abreast of what is going on in the automotive world.

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