Sparesboyz supplies a wide range of complete Used Engines and Reconditioned Engines.  Bmw car engines are made strong and very durable but what happens, if your car has health issues or shall i say the fearful word Engine problems. How do you know your can engine, is at its last lap? Simple follow our friendly and helpful advice and you will be safe on the road.

  1. South African winter is very cold and if your does not start and struggles, could be an engine issue.
  2. Oil patch left after you reverse, you could have a severe oil leakage.
  3. A knocking sound, yeah that is probably the most visible sign.
  4. Your engine is steaming, literally steam is coming out.
  5. Your is car drinking the oil at a rapid pace
  6. Exhaust smoke is a different colour

We also stock Engine Parts for most BMW models.

Engine Parts : Sub-Assembly : Cylinder Head : Crank Shaft : Camshaft : Pistons : Rings : Water Pumps : Oil Pumps : Sleeves : Gasket Sets : Conrods : Rockers : Valves : Timing Belts : Tensioner

BMW 316iE36M40
BMW 328iE36M52
BMW 320i E36M50
BMW 320DE90N47N
BMW 320iE30M20
BMW 318iE46M43
BMW 320iE90N46
BMW 318iE46N42
BMW 318isE36M44
BMW 318isE36M44
BMW 320i E30 M20
BMW 320iE90N46
BMW 523iE39 M52
BMW 325ciE46M54
BMW 325tiE46 M54
BMW 530iE39E39
BMW 318i E36M43
BMW 325iE46M54
BMW 318isE36M44
BMW 118iE87N46
BMW 316iE36M44