Sparesboyz hosts a Fishing Fun Day..

SPARESBOYZ in partnership with the North coast courier hosted a Fishing Fun Day last year at the Dudley Pringle Dam. This event raised a fair amount of money that assisted the North Coast Courier Orphan Fund. This was a one-day event that focused on family fun and affording fishermen the rare opportunity to fish the very productive, untouched waters of the Dudley Pringle dam, which is not normally open to the public, for one day only. It was such an honour and blessing to sponsor this day. Sparesboyz helping the community with love and blessings. Abantu Basiza Abantu.

“COVID-19” Nguwe Wedwa Feeds the poor Initiative

Abantu Basiza Abantu June 16 Youth Day Mbongeleni Mzimela sent us a brief summary of this initiative [unedited] Nguwe Wedwa in partnership with the Institute of Afrikology was having a cleanup day in commemoration of the Youth of 1976 for our liberation through identifying one of the unused Schools in the South Coast to go and clean there. We had the youth within the area that were volunteers by cleaning, students from high school were receiving food parcels. Sparesboyz assisting Mbongeleni Mzimela via mentorship is helping to drive this vision so it becomes a reality. Details for food required 10… Read More

Abantu Basiza Abantu [People Helping People]

Sparesboyz would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to a dynamic individual Mbongeleni Mzimela who is going above and beyond to empower the youth of today. Sparesboyz assisting Mbongeleni Mzimela via mentorship, is helping to drive this vision so it becomes a reality. Read below the touching story of Mbongeleni Mzimela [Original,Unedited material] My name is Mbongeleni Mzimela (28) CEO and founder of Nguwe Wedwa Youth Development Organization that is mainly based in the Durban South Coast. We are a youth organization that is passionately fighting against the social ills that are destroying the future of our brothers… Read More