PEUGEOT is one of SPARESBOYZ  specialists brands , the  rate of development and brand recognition has exceeded all expectations. Peugeot brought style and sportiness to the roads, with its initial priority being a range of stylish, elegant and innovative cars and so SPARESBOYZ grabbed this opportunity to help our valued customers with ORIGINAL used parts/spares for their beloved Peugeot car. Our Peugeot owners need not to panic about the cost of spares/parts because SPARESBOYZ specializes in quality used parts & new parts for all PEUGEOT brands.

Did you know? Peugeot depicts a lion on the blue background with paws and shape. The lion is a historical image which was used from the very origins of the brand. At first only head of heraldic lion was used on the badge. Current logo also has lion’s as a symbol of balance, strength and flexibility. At SPARESBOYZ , we are a balance team , we work together to make sure you receive the best original used car parts at the most affordable price. 

Peugeot and innovation have always gone hand-in-hand. The Lion brand works tirelessly to equip each of its vehicles with the latest new technology to offer truly unforgettable driving sensations designed to impress and delight every time. SPARESBOYZ and  LION brand [Peugeot] work hand in hand providing all our customers valued added service of good used parts/spares.





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