What is Serpentine/Fan Belt & Know When you should Replace It

It would be impossible to deny that the automotive industry has come a long way since vehicles were first introduced in the market. Earlier, the vehicles were equipped with leather engine belts which easily wore out or snapped under heat. Eventually, these leather belts were replaced by two rubber belts—the alternator belt and the fan belt. Here, we will discuss with you the role that fan belts play in keeping your engine performing at its best.   When your car needs a simple part replaced, a visit to the mechanic can often turn into a costly affair and it’s often too… Read More

Let us help you find the spares you need

Sparesboyz will find the spares you need Let us help you, find the spares you need. Do not be afraid or stressed we are fully equipped to provide you with the best car parts. We are your one-stop-shop in car parts. Does Sparesboyz offer delivery? Sparesboyz is a non-authorized dealer providing you with efficient service and nationwide delivery. Let us help you find the spares you need YOUR ONE-STOP-SHOP IN CAR SPARES We are always ready to assist you, turning your car troubles into good old-fashioned friendships offering you advice and solutions to your car troubles. We are always striving… Read More

BMW Replacement Spares

BMW Replacement Spares A BMW replacement spares is an alternative part for a defective original part. It is widely used when an original BMW part cannot be located. A BMW replacement spares is as high quality as an original part. What do you do when you are faced with situations that need an immediate solution? A BMW replacement part is a great alternative. Below are some suggestions on what you can do if you have been involved in an accident and cannot locate an original BMW car part. These suggestions will greatly assist you in making a wise decision, Search… Read More

Land rover auto spare parts

Looking for a Land rover auto spare parts and spare for your vehicle? Sparesboyz has exactly what you need, when you need it. Most of all, our spare parts are at an affordable price. In this day and age,many issues arise when it comes to owning a vehicle. Vehicles are just not simple but are very complex, mechanical devices. We have good quality spares available. We know the importance of keeping your car on the road and the costs involved in doing so, we offer a better alternative to new dealer parts without affecting the quality of the auto body… Read More