Whether you are looking for refurbished parts or body parts, visiting a salvage yard or looking online, using used parts is a big decision. Used parts are cheaper and work pretty well. Here are a few benefits of refurbished car parts:


Nothing is more annoying than wasting time looking for a part at a good price. Refurbished car parts are easy to come by and they are affordable too. And no matter the age of make, you will find the part you looking for in a salvage yard.


Salvaged parts save the environment. When you buy a salvaged part you are doing your bit for the environment and atmosphere.

Match OEM Standards

Whether it is a car door, engine or bumper, it matches OEM specifications. These parts are at industry standards as we cannot  sell it if it isn’t.

Hidden Value

You will always find little hidden treasures at salvage yards. If you are looking for a rare part, you may find it there. Many salvage yards give away parts for next to nothing if it is a rare part.

So, if you are looking for a good quality refurbished part, talk to us.  Our team of sales reps are experienced and waiting to help you find the part you are looking for.

Sparesboyz has over two decades of experience with salvage, new and aftremarket parts. We offer the most competitive prices without undermining quality of our parts. Just pop in at our branch in Durban or Cape Town and see for yourself.

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