If you have visited a used part shop, the sales representative would ask you if you would prefer a new, original or aftermarket parts. There are slight differences between these parts but the quality can be vast. Here we explain the differences between original parts and aftermarket parts.

Auto manufacturers do not make all their parts

The days of auto manufacturers making their parts are long gone. Manufacturers now contract their parts to other companies. This is a good thing as these companies are experienced with making parts to industry standards at a lower rate.

 Original Parts

Original parts are made by the company that installed them into the newly built car. Original parts are pricier than aftermarket and OEM parts but are not better. Sparesboyz will help you choose the correct part based on quality and affordability.


OEM parts are made by the company that was the manufacturer of the original part. These [parts are the same as the parts your car came with when you bought it. the only difference Is that it isn’t stamped with the manufacturer’s logo. OEM parts are just as good as original parts but at a cheaper price/.

 Aftermarket Parts

Once a car is manufactured, companies can manufacture parts that fit. They purchase the rights to make car parts. The aftermarket parts we sell do not replicate the original part, but they work just the same if not better. All our aftermarket parts are carefully selected and we will never lower our quality standards at Sparesboyz.

Sparesboyz has the parts you are looking for

Whether it’s an old or new part that you are looking for, we may just have it. For more information about original or aftermarket parts, please call us or pop in at your nearest Sparesboyz branch in Durban or Cape Town.

Aftermarket and OEM Parts

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