Maintain your car’s headlight

Besides just looking tacky, a burnt out headlight bulb on your car isn’t safe. Believe it or not, automobile makers put those there for a reason. Headlight bulb and lamp maintenance is a necessity. Let’s take a look at how to replace those bulbs. Many newer model cars don’t have external screws to remove the headlight housing. In this case to replace bulbs on the rear of the car grab a flashlight and check in the boot. Lots of luxury model cars, minivans, and wagons have access to the headlight housing through the boot of the car.
Once the housing is located, it should be obvious what method is needed to actually get inside. Pay attention to how the housing is installed. Many models are equipped to allow replacing a bulb without completely removing the fixture. Changing the bulb will just take a little more time and patience. They should be simple to remove without any problem. These fasteners are normally made of plastic. If screws are involved, a few minutes with a screwdriver will have you ready to go and road worthy. The make and model of the vehicle greatly determines the ease or difficulty of this job. On the plus side, replacing interior lights usually pose no problems. They are often made to be popped out. From there replace the bulb and snap the fixture back in place. At least something was made to be easy. Now that you have actually gotten into the housing there are few tips to keep in mind for easy completion. With the exception of a bulb, it is a good idea to coat the bulb’s exterior socket and any contacts with a layer of grease product. Use Vaseline to grease the socket. Completing this step helps to protect the socket from corrosion due to water. To determine which size and type of bulb to use your vehicle’s owner manual is the resource to check. If it was lost, thrown away, or whatever, the local auto parts store should be able to point you in the right direction.
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