The car tyres go round and round

We all know that without the tyres on a car, you can’t go nowhere. You may say that a car tyres is made up of rubber, which is correct but there are also other materials that are involved. An inner liner, made up of air tight rubber, which is used on most modern cars. A sidewall, which is the outward facing parts of car tyres. The tread, this is simple, this thread comes in contact with the road. It has to provide a strong grip and stability when cornering. This tread on the wheel needs to be in a good condition always. A belt of steel wire or fabric within the wall, this helps to ensure that the widest possible area of tread is in contact with the road at any time. The air within it produces pressure which performs a handful of valuable functions to keep it working properly and safely. Air pressure is so vital because its sets the pace for the travelling you do with your car. Pressure has to be correct. Always check the tread is good. Look at the pattern of the tread. You need to have common sense cause, if you driving a car and you feel it is pulling on to one side or not braking well, then you need to check the wheels, if all is okay. Check for bubbles on the side wall, this also indicates a problem. Sometimes your steering will start to vibrate, I mean literally shake while you drive, now this is a clear indication that your car tyre needs a change or rotation. Check for dry rot, meaning cracks all around. Always make sure your car wheels are aligned and balanced, then your car and you will have a happy journey

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