A seat belt should be compulsory

A seat belt is a gadget that is there for your safety believe or not. Buckling up actually increases your chances of surviving in an accident.  A seat belt reduces the risk of death up to 50 percent. When you think about it, this is absolutely amazing: How can a piece of fabric end up being the difference between life and death? What does it actually do? The basic idea of a seat belt is very simple: It keeps you from flying through the windshield or hurtling toward the dashboard when your car comes to an abrupt stop. But why would this happen in the first place? Things naturally want to keep going, this prevents it from doing that. Kind of a restraint. Basically it prevents you from feeling major impact, if your car hits a tree or a pole. It is a given that no matter what happens in a crash, something would have to exert force on you to slow you down. But depending on where and how the force is applied, you might be killed instantly or you might walk away from the damage unscathed. If you hit the windshield with your head, the stopping power is concentrated on one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. It also stops you very quickly, since the glass is a hard surface. This can easily kill or severely injure a person.  It applies the stopping force to more durable parts of the body over a longer period of time. It’s fairly comfortable to wear this safety belt when you drive and also your passengers. You can extend and retract the belts according to your comfort. Over the years, seatbelts have proven to be far and away the most important safety device in cars and trucks. They are by no means infallible, however, and car safety engineers see a lot of room for improvement in today’s design.

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