Understanding your car battery

There has always been a mystery about the car battery found in our vehicles. We all know that a car battery contains acid, which creates a chemical reaction and gets your car moving. More than likely we will happily leave things there and not give our car battery any further thought. That is, until we stuck on the roadside with a flat car battery. Understanding how batteries are made, plus how it should be used and maintained is absolutely vital to getting the longest life and best performance out of it. Always clean corrosion from the top of the auto battery and then around the battery cables. A tablespoon of baking soda, cup of water and a nonmetallic brush is what you need to keep it clean. Get your battery tested by a local car spares supplier. If your battery is not performing well, this is what you need to watch out for while driving. Your car headlights are dim and then brighten when you rev the engine. The starter slowly turns, barely starting the car. Too many extras on your car, could drain your battery or best opt for a bigger sixe battery, to suit your cars extra accessories. Seasonal changes also affect battery life. Most people always get fearful in winter but in reality your battery life actually drops in summer. Hot temperatures means high temperatures under the bonnet of your car and this could evaporate the battery liquid. This may weaken your battery drastically. In winter always make sure that your car is in good order and starts on the turn. You need to check all the components under the bonnet if they are working well especially in the colder months. This contributes to the battery starting well.

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