Are my car shock absorbers worn out

Car shock absorbers have been used since the early days of the automobile, they are not well understood by the public. Honestly speaking, even motor enthusiasts forget to check this vital car part. What happens, is it continues to get damaged and degrades the cars driving performance. Ever wonder why you have a springy suspension, yes it is your car shock absorbers that needs some tender, loving care. It can be very dangerous, especially during severe turns that is needed. Car shock absorbers actually don’t absorb shocks. As the wheel encounters a bump, the wheel moves upwards, compressing and storing the energy of the bump into the spring. This compression is actually what absorbs the shock of the bump. Inside the car shock absorber there is a piston that moves inside the tube that is filled with oil. As it moves the oil is forced through tiny holes and valves within the piston, this controls the movement. Shocks last a long time but you should never take that for granted. In some cases, the seal will rapture and out comes all the oil. The age old test of bouncing the fenders, gives you some indication. If you driving and it’s difficult to handle the car. If you driving and your car is hopping and bouncing, then you have to change it as soon as possible. If your car takes longer to break, check if the dampers of the vehicle shocks, could be worn out. Check the spec of your car and the shocks it requires. Good to buy the correct ones, so that your car is stable on the road. Do not try to change the vehicle shocks yourself, better to get expert advice. Always replace car shocks in pairs and never only one. Either replace front shocks or rear shocks. Keeps your car in balance.

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