Mechanics of a bonnet

The bonnet of your vehicle covers the engine and is kept down by a latch. The car bonnet can be opened by a latch on the interior of the vehicle, right below the steering wheel. Once the latch is pulled, the hood pops up slightly. Once the bonnet pops up, you can further open the hood from a secondary switch located underneath the front of the hood. This safety feature is designed just in case the hood accidentally releases while you are driving down the road. Obviously, driving with it open can be a very dangerous. Here are some things to think about if you are worried about your car hood popping open while driving. If this happens to pop all the way open while you are driving, obstructing your view, slow down and try to look underneath the hood. If that is not possible, put your head out the driver’s side window to see around the hood. Follow the painted lines as a guide to point you towards the side of the road. Safely pull off the side of the road with your hazard lights on and shut your hood. The latch is attached to a cable system, if this seizes then it won’t open or close properly. Driving with it open is disaster waiting to happen. Make sure when you at the garage, you make sure that the petrol attendant closes the car hood properly and you can also double check because mistakes do happen unfortunately and this can be expensive. Your car hood protects the most important parts of the car, you need to make sure it is well taken off. I think your entire is so important really because all works hand in hand with each other.

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