Motorists believe that their vehicle deserves no less than a genuine aftermarket parts or OEM part. We have seen the media push the idea that genuine parts are better than aftermarket parts. The fact that they choose to leave out is that aftermarket parts are actually an improved version of OEM parts. The quality of aftermarket parts has actually increased over the last decade. This is good news for mechanics, motorists and service technicians.

OEM parts are not designed to be installed in the car when it has been manufactured. These parts are made especially as replacement parts for certain vehicles. They are howvere made by the same makers of the car that was built and are exactly the same as the part in the newly built car.

 Genuine parts are the same as OEM parts. The only difference is that these parts were meant to be installed on the car when they left the factory. These parts are pricier than OEM parts as they have the manufacturer logo. Genuine parts have little to no advantage over OEM parts, but there are cases where this is a myth.

 Aftermarket parts are made by reverse engineering, which mean that they are actua.lly and improved version of the genuine parts. These parts are actually better than the original.

 Now that you know the facts about genuine aftermarket parts and OEM parts, you can decide what is best for you. Either way, we at Sparesboyz have what you require and are ready to assist you with your decision where we can.

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