Car oil change can be quick and tidy

One of the critical chores for your motor car is changing the oil regularly. Simple and easy steps on how to change my car oil. Doing this task on your own is not as daunting as it seems but knowing how to do this, can extend the life of your car and save you time and money. First things first check your motor car manual, what car oil is specified for your vehicle. Check how often the oil filter needs to be replaced but it is recommended that with your car oil change, you must change your oil filter. Prepare yourself and get the right tools you need to complete your oil change. Place a container under the drain plug because you want the oil to go into the container and not on the floor. Unscrew the oil filter. The filter will have oil, please be careful not to spill. After the filter is empty, wrap it newspaper and get it recycled after you have completed this task on how to change my car oil. Place the new oil filter in and make sure it is secure. Make sure you remove the drain plug and wipe out excess oil. Check if your drain plug needs a gasket and replace it, normally it is a small little ring or a valemoid gasket that firmly fits on the drain plug. Make sure the oil pan is cleaned out as well before your oil is added. Add the new oil slowly and allow it to settle. Replace the oil filler cap and run the engine for 30 to 60 seconds. Double check for leaks from the old drain plug and around the filter. Switch the engine off and let the oil settle and then check by removing the dipstick to test the oil level. Now you ready to test drive the car and recheck oil level and if it is full, you are ready to go, safely on your journey. You have successfully learnt, how to change my car oil in quick, easy steps.

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