For over 30 years, Sparesboyz Durban and Sparesboyz Capetown has set the standard for high quality, original used car parts. Recognized locally and globally, they have set the pace in becoming leading service providers in the auto motive industry, offering you a full range of guaranteed new parts, used parts and good replacement parts.

If you require car parts for your vehicle, we are able to assist you with your parts request. We specialize in 12 specific brands of cars. Mercedes, Honda, Tata, Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Land rover and Jeep. We are non-authorized dealers, so we are able to provide you with original used parts for your vehicle.

Did you ever sit back and dream of owning the most Luxurious automobile on the road today but wonder how affordable are the car parts, be it new or used parts. The cost to maintain it, keep it road worthy and still have enough money left over. At Sparesboyz, we have you covered with all the parts and spares you need because we stock a wide range of good, quality new and used spares.

When you think of a scrap yard, you automatically assume that the car is just thrown in a car junk pile waiting for you to choose your part. No, we at Sparesboyz take absolute pride from the time the car reaches our yard till it is completely stripped to its body shell. We have set systems to ensure that every part is stripped off this accident damaged vehicle. Every component from the smallest nut and bolt to the most complex engine is stripped from this vehicle. Nothing goes to waste because we believe in keeping our earth clean. Sparesboyz recycles all unused metal and oil.

What happens to the unused oil?

Oil is stored in Eco-friendly bins at Sparesboyz which is picked up regularly and disposed of in the correct manner. We are strictly against dumping waste products into rivers and oceans.

Where does the unused metal go?

Recycling metal also reduces your carbon footprint, you save raw materials by reusing the same metal again. You save the ores that naturally occur in the earth’s surface, preserving them for future generations. It saves the energy and money that would have been spent on drilling and mining for ores. Thus, you have saved valuable natural resources by not digging for ores and instead recycling the used metal and car parts. You also conserve another incredibly valuable resource – water, because mining for ores to procure metals can involve excessive wastage of water. And when you avoid digging unnecessarily, you prevent soil erosion! This maintains soil integrity and saves wildlife habitats.

Sparesboyz has a strong belief towards helping our customers and the environment we live in. We service the whole of South Africa and Africa. Sparesboyz Durban and Sparesboyz Capetown take absolute pride in making sure, you receive the best car parts at the most affordable price.

Visit our website and view our stripping for parts:

  • Choose the city closest to you Durban or Capetown. If you like what is available, then fill out an enquiry form. Make sure all information is accurate in order to receive a quick response.

Stripping for spares


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