What is Serpentine/Fan Belt & Know When you should Replace It

It would be impossible to deny that the automotive industry has come a long way since vehicles were first introduced in the market. Earlier, the vehicles were equipped with leather engine belts which easily wore out or snapped under heat. Eventually, these leather belts were replaced by two rubber belts—the alternator belt and the fan belt. Here, we will discuss with you the role that fan belts play in keeping your engine performing at its best.   When your car needs a simple part replaced, a visit to the mechanic can often turn into a costly affair and it’s often too… Read More

Clutch Kit- Is It Time To Replace The One You Have?

There are many things that are important for a car and clutch kits are one of them. No matter if you are a casual driver or a racer, the clutch will decide how smooth your ride is and helps you keep your vehicle always ready for the road. There are different stages of clutches and if you are a casual driver then you may want to get rid of your old and dusty stock clutch and install a basic clutch kit from Sparesboyz.  Clutch kit’s prices vary according to the car you own and how much it has been used,… Read More

How To Install Timing Belt Tensioner

The lifespan and integrity of your motor vehicle can be drastically improved if you are active in monitoring and maintaining the engine and all of its integral mechanics. One of the biggest issues when it comes to the engine is the timing belt tensioner. This part is responsible for applying pressure to the timing belt, keeping it firmly in place and running smoothly. When something goes wrong, it is often the tensioner that is faulty and not the actual belt itself. Today’s vehicles are highly sophisticated and extremely intricate, their engines operate under higher temperatures and the engine parts are… Read More

Let us help you find the spares you need

Sparesboyz will find the spares you need Let us help you, find the spares you need. Do not be afraid or stressed we are fully equipped to provide you with the best car parts. We are your one-stop-shop in car parts. Does Sparesboyz offer delivery? Sparesboyz is a non-authorized dealer providing you with efficient service and nationwide delivery. Let us help you find the spares you need YOUR ONE-STOP-SHOP IN CAR SPARES We are always ready to assist you, turning your car troubles into good old-fashioned friendships offering you advice and solutions to your car troubles. We are always striving… Read More