Car airbags are a safety device. This protects the driver and passengers. It consists of a flexible design to inflate during an accident. The car airbags protects the passenger and driver from hitting interior objects, such as the steering wheel, dashboard and the windscreen. Modern vehicles contain multiple airbags. Car airbags are normally found in many places around the passengers such as steering wheel, instrument panel doors, door speakers, side of the seat and in the roof of the car. Sensors trigger most airbags in a motor vehicle. Airbags entered the market with great success in the late 80s and early 90s, when cars started to include four or more airbags. Different manufacturers have used different terms for airbags over time. General Motors released the first system on the market as Air Cushion Restraint System. Safety inside a vehicle has increased, it is important to know how airbags work. People also need to realise that – in some vehicles, those fitted with shackle sensors that sense if an occupant is wearing a seatbelt, or not – the airbags might not deploy at all, even where a frontal collision occurs. This can result in the airbags being perceived as faulty or the vehicle restraint systems being considered defective. However, this would be because the systems rely on a number of conditions for deployment. Seatbelt engagement might be one of those conditions. Other vehicles have occupant sensors. They are essentially tactile or pressure switches built into the seat. If an occupant is present, the switch is activated. If the switch is activated and the seatbelt is engaged, the airbag at that position could be deployed. If not – it simply will not. For this reason, children standing in seats might be particularly exposed if enough criteria are met for deployment.I would also give parents very serious warnings regarding children standing on seats or up against the dashboard at the front seat, while the vehicle is driven. If a child falls forwards during the braking cycle and the airbag deploys when the child is already striking the dashboard or standing up against it, the “explosion” is essentially happening with direct contact to the child. This alone can lead to serious injury or death.