2 things you didn’t know about your car windscreen

The car windscreen, is the one part of your car that you look at the most but think about the least. Your car windscreen is your window to the outside world. When it is functioning properly and is good working order, you do not notice it but when it is dirty or as a chip, even a scratch that can actually alter your driving experience. Your car windscreen provides a very vital role in your life. The structure and safety is made to keep you safe while travelling. The car windscreen is equivalent to the strength of the car body, how amazing is that? For most modern vehicles equipped with passenger airbags, the airbag will deploy up toward the windscreen before inflating toward the passenger, so a huge amount of force is applied to the glass from the inside of the car. Your glass needs to be installed correctly. A poorly installed glass may result in an unstable glass. Imagine a small chip can affect the glass on impact in an accident. Keeping your windscreen clean, both inside and out, will reduce glare and ensure you can see the road properly. Even if the windscreen has dust, this can still cause a haze. A good set of wiper blades will also be of great help. Every year change your wiper blades and do not use it on a dry surface, this will cause it to deteriorate more quickly. Chips can become cracks due to temperature. This is also considered a huge danger. The best thing you can do is get it sorted out. Get your windshield checked out frequently, watch how you drive. Drive slowly and keep a safe distance from big trucks on the road. Prevention is better than cure.

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