Aftermarket car parts refer to any part of a vehicle that isn’t made by the manufacturer of the car.Many companies make parts that are specifically designed to form the exact function of the original part.

Aftermarket car parts a better choice

Aftermarket car parts are often cheaper than the original parts and prices will vary from brand to brand. The best deal doesn’t mean the lowest price, it means the highest quality part at the cheapest price.

What not do when you searching for Aftermarket car parts

Be careful when trying to find a good deal on aftermarket car parts. You may find that a part is much cheaper at 1 place than any others but this could mean that part is of low quality and cheaper materials were used by the manufacturers. Use a brand that you are familiar with or one that is recommended by a mechanic who is trustworthy. With all the options that are available, it is vitally important to check around for a good, reputable spares company.

Check if the part/s come with a warranty. This means if the part breaks or is faulty, you may have to replace it at your own expense. You can be assured that at Sparesboyz Durban or Cape Town, you will find the part at the right price. Our highly skilled team are trained to assist you and will make sure that they guide you when you are trying to locate a part for your car

It is so difficult these days to find a reputable auto parts store but here are some ways which can really help you when you search for one. Make sure the company is part of the RMI Group. Make sure the company has stock of the brand you need spares for and if they need to order the part, make sure you provide them with all the important details of your vehicle for example the vehicles vin number, year, make, model, old spec or new spec. Ask your mechanic to refer you to a good parts store.

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