Used car bumpers serve both cosmetic and practical purposes. On the cosmetic level, the bumpers are part of the car body’s design, finishing off both ends of the car. On the practical level, bumpers serve to protect the rest of the car in low-speed impacts. Unfortunately for the bumpers, they often get damaged in the process of protecting the car. Used car bumpers are quiet ideal because it is at a fraction of the cost than the original bumper. Agents charge a pretty price for a used car bumpers. Bumpers are not all that hard to replace. This is the type of job that even a novice home auto repair person can do in a couple of hours.

Differences in Bumper Styles

The basic design of bumpers has changed over the years. Old-style bumpers were chrome-plated metal stampings that extended the full width of the vehicle. The bumper mounted to the front of the frame, via four bolts that went through the bumper and into flanges welded to the frame. Newer-style bumpers are made of a flexible plastic skin, painted to match the vehicle and mounted over a shock-absorbing foam (Styrofoam) that is attached to the bumper structure itself. In most cases, the only part that needs to be replaced is the skin. However, if the structure is damaged, replacing the skin is not enough.

Replacing a car bumper is a fairly easy task, which can be successfully undertaken by even a novice auto repair buff, with a minimal number of tools. Modern bumpers are moulded, flexible, plastic skins, which are placed over a shock-absorbing foam and the bumper’s structure. In most cases, only the skin needs to be replaced.

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