A good used auto body parts locator, is a reputable brand that offers you the best and affordable spares. Used auto body parts locator is a dime in a dozen. When you find a great spares place then you know that you should stick with it because it is really hard, in this day and age to get a good, honest supplier. When you find a used auto body parts locator, make sure they specialise in your car brand. Sparesboyz Durban and Cape Town keep 12 vehicle brands. Mercedes, Honda, Tata, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo, Land Rover and Jeep. We sell quality, guaranteed new and used parts at our Durban and Cape Town branch. We can quickly and easily find used auto body parts you need. We specialize in locating hard to find auto body parts and we are one of the best sources for locating spares you need. We pride ourselves on being the best in Durban and Cape Town. No more hassles with your car parts but just good, honest service from Sparesboyz Durban and Cape Town. Good customer service means helping customers efficiently, in a friendly manner. It is one of the things that sets Sparesboyz apart from others of its kind. Along with knowledge and proper attitude, it is important to handle customers quickly and efficiently. Our huge yards makes it easy for customers to view the vehicles that we strip daily. We receive fresh stock daily, vehicles are then stripped from bumper to bumper, cleaned and then shelved or sold. Majority of the time the parts are already booked in advanced by customers. Customers understand that all stock we receive are really good quality even though they are used but it is an original part from the dismantled vehicle.

Your parts can be found at our Durban or Cape Town stores.