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Interesting Facts about Tata

  • Tata motor is part of the Tata Group, which has many businesses such as:Information technology, Engineering, Consumer products such as tea.
  • Ratan Tata has been with Tata since 1962 and is the chairman of the entire Tata Group and has held position since 1991.
  • Tata motors is among the top 10 commercial cars in the world
  • Tata company will never accept bribes – ever
  • Tata will never own a cigarette or alcoholic beverage company
  • Tata gives to a charity. They donate 4 percent of their operating income to the trusts without any fuss or publicity – its MOTHER of all charity.
  • Tata group runs many research institutes, public hospitals and sports institutes.
  • With over 8.5 million Tata vehicles worldwide,  Tata Motors is among the select companies to hold an extensive portfolio.
  • Tata motors doesn’t just specialize in cars, they do commercial trucks and busses too. They are the world’s fifth largest medium and heavy truck manufacturers and second biggest heavy bus manufacturer.

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