Tata parts available for new and used vehicles.

Based on consumer demand for a simple, affordable brand of car, Tata decided to produce a small and compact car. Tata Indica was launched, the first fully indigenous passenger car of India. Designed to be inexpensive and easy to maintain, Tata Indica became a hit in the market. Today in South Africa it has become a popular buy.

Tata was dubbed the “people’s car” because of the affordability to keep it road worthy. Times are tough in South Africa and we do not always have cash on hand to replace a genuine car part. Sparesboyz gives you the total solution to your parts need. Sparesboyz are non-authorised dealers for Tata parts in South Africa. We provide quality new and used parts for your Tata brand of vehicle.

We dismantle Tata’s daily at our Durban and Capetown branches providing you the customer with good affordable car parts. There is a huge need for Tata parts in South Africa and we are your one stop shop that provides you with these car parts.

To view our latest Tata cars, please click the link: https://sparesboyz.com/type-of-listing/stripping-for-parts/. If you are interested in a particular Tata, please contact us via our online form. Please choose the city closest to you Durban or Capetown.


  1. Tata Motors were the first to establish the first steel plant.
  2. They started the country’s first chain of luxury hotels.
  3. Tata Motors manufactured India’s first indigenous car, Indica.
  4. They provided affordable and innovative solutions such as Tata Nano etc.
  5. Tata motors led commercial vehicle production
  6. They pioneered civil aviation.
  7. They are the world’s 17th largest motor vehicle manufacturing company.
  8. Tata entered the commercial vehicle sector in 1945.

Tata has such a rich history and we at Sparesboyz are proud to supply you with quality new and used parts for your Tata.

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