Peugeot used engines for sale in Durban at Sparesboyz. Our Peugeot used engines still have a good few years of life and at an affordable price too. We supply quality Peugeot used engines for all Peugeot’s in South Africa. Our used engines come with different mileages and prices vary. Take a look at our stock online or give us a call and our team of experts will help you get the best engine at the best price.


 Tips for Replacing Used Engines


  1. Compare your old used engine with your new one. Inspect parts that are different and clean them before installing onto new engine.
  2. Replace oil and oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and fuel filters
  3. Check timing belt
  4. Diesel engines have their own glow plugs and should be replaced
  5. Oil seals should be checked and replaced
  6. If there was overheating , check radiator pressure and flow
  7. Coolant hoses should be checked and replaced
  8. Replace antifreeze and bleed properly


 Peugeot Used Engines Shipment

We ship used engines worldwide. Our team of experts will make sure you receive the correct engine as soon as possible. Get into contact with one of our experts and get the engine your car deserves.

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