Old Car Components can be Re manufactured and Used

If you are replacing a single old car components or scrapping an entire car, chances are the car part can be recycled or re manufactured. Here are a few old car components that can be re-used:

  • Used engine oil – never wears out and only gets dirty. Do not throw oil out into rivers or drains. take it to someone who cleans and re-uses engine oil.
  • Oil Filters – can be recycled. Get your oil changed at a garage that recycles oil filters if you change your own car oil.
  • Car windows – millions are replaced yearly and many end up in scrap yards. Many windshield companies and recycling companies are working together to reduce and recycle glass waste.
  • Engines and Transmissions – some engines may still have some life and ca n be rebuilt to be just as good as a new one. Many have claimed that the rebuilt engines are even better than they were before.
  • Scrap metal – car rims, door handles and car bodies from scrapped cars can be sold to Scrap metal yards. There they will be melted down to be made into something else.
  • Batteries – can be recycled. The toxic waste that comes from batteries is damaging to our environment.

Lets be a part of the solution and stay mindful about the world we live in by reusing and recycling.