Factory-fitted and manufacturer-approved new car parts cost a fortune – should you buy it from independent suppliers? No one wants to compromise their vehicle’s reliability or their own safety with dodgy spare parts. But more and more consumers are complaining that they can’t afford to maintain their vehicles. Most of us have had an unpleasant experience somewhere along the line where we’ve had to fork out for expensive new car parts.

Find the right new car parts supplier

We are living in a tough economy and every cent is accounted for but if we have a good service provider, who can locate the parts locally or internationally, then why not use this option. If they are reputable and experienced in new car parts then they are definitely worth a try.

Sparesboyz has made it so simple for you because we are your complete solutions provider for your  car parts. Sparesboyz are direct importers and distributors of high quality parts for:

  • Mercedes,
  • Honda,
  • Tata,
  • Hyundai,
  • Kia,
  • Renault,
  • Peugeot,
  • Citroen,
  • Land rover
  • Jeep.

We are non-authorized dealers. We are able to source parts from reputable manufacturers. Our parts are good affordable aftermarket replacement products.

100% Factory tested and built to strict quality control standards to ensure high performance guaranteed to you.

Sparesboyz wants to offer you a choice to shop for your new car parts online or you can visit us at our branches in Durban. If you’re looking for high-quality but affordable spares, we’re your number one choice!

Delivery is fast and can be arranged throughout South Africa and Africa. Give us a call or send us an inquiry. Please select which city you are located in Durban or Cape Town and a salesman will call you back. We are your one stop shop in car spares.

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