Mercedes Sprinter lock set controls the ignition of the vehicle. This part is the brain of the car. If you need to replace this part, you obviously need to locate the correct Mercedes Sprinter lock set. It is imperative that you look at the correct spares suppliers to get the right part. You need affordable but a good quality Mercedes Sprinter lock set. Thanks to the ECU or electronic control unit (more commonly known as the computer box), the car of today is far safer and more efficient than it ever was. Simply put, the ECU is the brains of the automobile as it ensures the vehicle operates optimally at all times.

The Ecu became such an important part of a car because everything depends on a small black box, ECU is the traction control system (TCS). Like ABS, there are also wheel sensors that send information to the ECU, but instead of controlling the brakes, the ‘brain’ will tell the engine to cut power to regain grip. Kicking it up a notch is electronic stability control (ESC), a system wherein the ECU continuously scans the car’s sensors and activates when it senses that loss of control is imminent. The electronics take over the brakes and engine to allow the car to stay on its intended path. Computer boxes have gone a long way from when they first started out. Today they can control almost all the important functions within an engine, and beyond. Some might say that all-mechanical is still the way to go, but the computer box surely has made driving easier, more economical, and safer too. The ECU, however, helped ensure that our cars run properly most -if not all- of the time. The computer box now even sends errors and warnings before anything disastrous happens to your vehicle. The next time your lock set stops working, make sure you get it sorted.

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