Headlights and their purpose

Having two properly working headlights on a motor vehicle is essential to safe driving. Any less than two lights and the size of the oncoming vehicle in the dark might not be what you think it is. Any more than two lights and it could be blinding, or confusing to on-coming traffic. When we are driving down the road after dark, and we see two lights spaced evenly coming toward us, we can pretty well be sure it is another vehicle traveling in the other direction. When headlights are not working, we do not have the best quality of vision on the road and other traffic may see us as something other than a full-sized automobile. A single light coming toward us could be a bike, a motorcycle, someone walking with a flashlight, another car with a headlight out – we can only guess – and not knowing for sure can hamper our driving safety.

Headlights can be sealed-beam or semi-sealed. Sealed-beam is one complete unit where semi-sealed to have a bulb that is separate from the whole component. Replacing a bulb can be less expensive than having to replace an entire sealed-beam system, but either style is sufficient for driving safety, as long as they are properly maintained. Depending on your vehicle make and model, there are different procedures used to replace a headlight bulb. Halogen bulbs are used in most new cars as they are smaller, produce a brighter light and they tend to last longer than regular bulbs. A very important part of having efficient bulbs on your vehicle is making sure they are adjusted properly for optimal lighting while driving. If one, or both of your bulbs are directed too high, you will not have an adequate vision of the road at night. Please check the units on your vehicle always.

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