When your air filters are well maintained the performance of your engine increases. You will have a higher pressure of airflow that will help the engine’s combustion process make power more efficiently. As a result, the power of your engine increases and more horsepower and torque is created. You may wonder what we mean by horsepower. It is a measure of the engine’s maximum power. Torque is the measure of the speed of acceleration, or, in other words, the throttle response.

The best part of having good working air filters is that your fuel consumption decreases enormously. You can tell the difference as you look back to what you have spent with your car on previous days when you used those dirty filters. We always talk about going green, and with such a cut down on our fuel consumption, we contribute to a great cause of making our world better. That means, when you keep your air filters clean, you keep your world clean. Even though an air filter is not as big of a piece in the engine system, neither is it as much of a cost, it still needs our care and attention. The filter needs has to be cleaned whenever it is dirty. It may not require such cleaning that often if our driving stays within clean areas, but when it comes to dirt roads or dusty places, or anywhere else where impure air may be absorbed, it is definitely important to clean the air filters more frequently. 

Air filter can make such a big difference in your cars life. We need to appreciate air filters because they really help our cars. Keep your air filter in good condition and change them often. Definitely saves you time and money.

why your cars air filters are so important