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Every Jeep vehicle has a unique story to tell, unfortunately this customer was not so happy with the service he received. What does he do? We living in difficult economic times, where taking your vehicle back, wastes time and money. Now Sparesboyz understands what you need and we are willing to assist you. Continue reading this article and then you will realise why, Sparesboyz is your one stop shop.

Reality a customer faces daily, Chris Roper

Here’s the story. Have you ever experience something like this? I take my Jeep in for a service, and ask them to check the steering, which is a bit stiff. Someone phones me back and tells me it’s going to cost me R9 000 to replace my steering pump. That’s a lot of money, but what can you do. I tell him go ahead, and spend the night wondering how I’m going to eat that month. The next day he phones back, and says, “Sorry, it’s only R3 500, I had my finger on the wrong line.” Is that bad service, or good service? Either way, I’m relieved. I get the car back, and discover that the steering is much worse. It gives out entirely every now and then. So I take it back to the agents. To make a long, sad story unrealistically short, I’m currently on my sixth or seventh time of taking my car back, and they’ve replaced the pump twice. Only on the sixth time do I get offered a courtesy vehicle, and in the meantime the mechanics have put in excess of 500km on my car, trying to find the problem.

At Sparesboyz Durban and Capetown, we are constantly striving to become your total Jeep parts provider. We want to be your No.1 Choice when it comes to Jeep spares. We are just not a scrap yard but a place where you can locate all your required Jeep parts. In this day and age finding a good reputable spares company is extremely difficult. We just not an ordinary spares company but we make sure you get the best Jeep parts at an affordable price. We do not give you the run around, what you see, is what you get.

Our Jeeps are dismantled on a daily basis. Jeeps are stripped from bumper to bumper, soon as vehicle arrives, the vehicle is photographed and all images are loaded immediately onto our website We show the customer exactly what they are getting.

Sparesboyz Durban and Capetown stock original, used Jeep parts. Good quality parts at the best price. Click onto our now stripping: and view our Jeeps that are currently being stripped. Sparesboyz Durban and Capetown non-authorised dealers.