Do you know which are important car parts? Do you think about why these parts are so important? If you are a responsible and proud car owner, you will have a basic idea of how your car parts work and which are the important ones.

Here is a few important car parts you should know about:

AC Compressor

In the hot summer months, this is a life saver. The AC compressor pushes Freon into aircon system at a high pressure.

This helps reduce emission from your vehicle.


The alternator charges the vehicles battery while engine is running. Always turn lights off when engine is running or your battery will go dead.


This important part makes your wheels turn. Without an axel you are not going anywhere!


Dead battery? Your car will not start if you have a dead battery. Always make sure you look after it or replace it every 2 years.


Obviously, without brakes you will not be able to stop you from moving. If you start hearing a squealing or grinding sound when you push your brakes, get them replaced as soon as possible.

Car Jack

The tool that you need to keep on board in case you get a flat tyre.


The clutch is pushed to assist with gear changing and allows you to move forward when you accelerate. It also keeps the engine running when in neutral gear. If you are driving and you smell your clutch burning, its time to have it replaced. You need your clutch, so that you do not stall.

 Engine Fan

The engine fan keeps the air flowing around radiator. This prevents the engine from overheating.

Fuel Injector

This sends gas from fuel tank into engine. Your vehicle will not start and will stall if there is a problem with your fuel injector.

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