We all understand the importance of Human Rights. Has fellow South Africans we need to always remember that it is always good to promote peace and harmony, where ever we are. We always focus on the negative but let us look at the positive factors that has been given to us, has hope and a good land to live in. We need to always practice “Ubuntu”, this means humanity towards others. It also means, ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. Our rich cultures and heritage provides us with the rainbow nation that we live in today. We help each other and look after one another. We also need to teach the younger generation that hate, does not solve much but love should be the ultimate goal to make our country a better place to dwell in. Let us promote peace and good will. There is no precise definition of Human Rights but it is defined as the basic freedom everyone needs to survive. This is meant for humans and to satisfy their basic needs. Men, women and children have rights. As we celebrate Human Rights day let us dwell on the future that is ahead and not on what has occurred in the past. It is essential for every individual to work towards a better life and a better country. Only we can make a good impact because it starts with us this very minute. Let us go out and educate the masses and encourage them to practice happiness, joy and love towards every fellow human and make this life a happy and united one. Ubuntu, one life. A life of peace and gratitude on where we came from and where we are heading to. Let us make this Human Rights day a positivity and peace.