Importance of cars brakes

If you have extreme concerns about your cars brakes, then you need to go and get it checked immediately. Braking performance is vital in any vehicle. If you hear a grinding noise or sound, could be that your cars brakes are worn out and the disc pad has worn down to the caliper. If not changed quickly, will damage the disc. There are many reasons why your cars brakes squeal, your caliper could be stuck and the brake pad remains on the disc. If you feel a continuous pulsating from the brake pedal whenever you apply brakes, this indicates the brake disc has become warped due to excessive heat. If your car pulls to the left or right when you apply brakes this shows the caliper has seized. If your vehicle brake pedal seems spongy and unresponsive, this means brake fluid is not flowing properly through the brake line. Now if the brake pedal is limp and goes all the way to the floor, this shows a serious braking system fault, which needs to be checked by a qualified mechanic. Brakes in a car is what keeps you safe on the road. Regular brake checks are very crucial and this prevents potential accidents or future issues with the health of your car. Make sure your car tyres are rotated every 6 months and while doing the rotation, check the brakes also. A mechanic will quickly advise on the life of a brake pad but checking the thickness, should give you the average lifespan of this disc pad. Always look for good, quality brake pads. Non asbestos is always a better choice. Modern cars have built in sensors, so we always get a warning signal but not all cars have this, so we should be aware of the simple signs that a car will give us. Check your brakes and be safe.

How to check my cars brakes?

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