Your car alternator system is very important

A car uses quite a lot of electricity. Your car alternator needs to be kept at its peak performance. Electricity is needed to work the ignition and other electrical equipment. If the power came from an ordinary battery, it would soon run flat. As you can see, all the parts in your car, works together. One component needs to work with another, to get you going safely. The car battery is charged by the alternator. The current from the alternator is rectified into direct current to flow through them in one direction. The alternator has a transistor operated device that regulates the voltage. Imagine driving home at night and its winter. You reach to put the heater on and then it starts to dwindle and the heater stops, car headlights get dimmer and you are so positive, you will not make it home. What you have just experienced in the very mild form, is your alternator breathing its last breath of life. Rest in peace car alternator. Sounds so dramatic but that is what happens, when you do not check the very simple parts in your automotive vehicle. Your automotive charging system consists of three major components, the battery, the voltage regulator and the alternator. The vehicle alternator is found near the front of the engine.  Roughly the size of a coconut and as an aluminium case. We find that it has many smaller, important parts on the inside of it, the diode rectifier, regulator, slip rings and brushes. Automotive alternators can be found in majority car spares suppliers or good second hand alternators can be also purchased at good affordable prices. One thing is for certain, a bad vehicle alternator will ruin your good battery, if you do not address it quickly. Do a quick check and be safe

How does a car alternator work?

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