From mechanical parts to a Car ECU, technology has changed drastically

It is definitely safe to say that our Car ECU’s have come a long way since the late 1800s. The modern car is jam-packed with technology and it’s all thanks to a very important part: the Car ECU. Thanks to the Car ECU or commonly known has the electronic control unit [car computer box]. Simply put the ECU is the brain of the automobile and it ensures the vehicles operates optimally at all times. So what does your vehicle computer box manage? Back in the day, the engine was equipped with a carburetor and a good qualified mechanic, who good fine tune your car. A screw driver and a good sense of mind was all that was required. When the ECU was introduced, it was good bye to the carburetor. A lot of research was done and now the ECU is so complex and advanced that it practically tells your automobile what to do. A car computer box handled the fuel mixture and timing and controlled the electrical processes of the vehicle as well. Sensors were installed all over the vehicle and this allowed for a better monitoring system. Your car’s computer box controls a plethora of systems in your car. Good part of an ECU is that it sends error messages before anything can happen to your car. Warning signals are so important and you must make sure you check before anything serious occurs. The computer box has made driving easier, economical and far safer compared to the good old days. You need to make sure the brain of your car is always in good shape. Always check if your cars electronic computer unit is in good shape. Make sure you heed to all signs that it provides, to keep you going well and safely.

How does a Car ECU work?

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