Why is Antifreeze important

Antifreeze, what a lovely and bright name. This is coolant for your car called Antifreeze and so we really need it, let me explain? This brightly coloured solution lowers a liquid’s freezing point, which is why we add it to our vehicles’ radiators. A mixture of chemicals and water, antifreeze helps ensure that the liquid in our radiators doesn’t freeze in the winter or boil over in the summer (overheating the engine), and in doing so, it protects our engines from damage year-round. Water in your engine is able to hold some of the heat but most of the engines require this magic mix of water and chemicals, more commonly known has antifreeze. Why does this happen? Well, when water freezes, it expands and crystallizes. If we add chemicals to water, however, the molecules will have to work harder to join together and crystallize. Their struggle results in a lower freezing point. So in the end, inexpensive water and functional coolant form the perfect pair. Basically this power mixture was made to strengthen the water in your car. Without it, your car engine would get corroded and there would be a build-up of rust. This special mixture that lives in your car is pumped through the engine and it absorbs heat. The brightly coloured liquid runs through this cycle continuously till it becomes old and contaminated. This is an amazing product that serves and saves your vehicle in so many ways. The coolant comes in different colours, depending on the spec of your car, so always make sure you ask a mechanic what is suitable. You can’t mix different types of coolant. You should not just use coolant only but a ratio suitable to the climate of your country. Similarly if you check your coolant and it is milky then you need to check your head gasket or engine, this could be a sign of overheating. Your antifreeze needs to be a vivid green and should feel slippery like oil. Your cooling system is very important, so take care of it.

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