Honda specialists in body and engine spares. We offer you unbeatable prices and the friendliest customer service in the industry and we supply a variety of Honda body and engine spares, available at all times.

We are independent importers of new and used Honda body and engine spares. We are non-authorised dealers. We bring you quality parts that you need at competitive prices, with the assurance of our excellent client-services approach!

We stock a vast range of engine parts for example: Belt tensioners, Cam belts, Cam followers, Cam shafts, Cylinder heads, Engine bearings, Engine pistons, Engine sub frames, Engine valves, Gearboxes, Gaskets, Oil pumps, Water pump, Oil seals.

Our range also extends extensively towards automotive body parts new and original used parts for example: Grill mouldings, Bumpers, Bumper brackets, Bumper reinforcements, Bumper slides, Boot lids, Bonnets, Bonnet catches, Bonnet hinges, Corner panels, Body shells, Cowl panels, Cradles, Door catches, Door handles, Door hinges, Door mirrors, Door mouldings, Door posts, Complete doors, Engine splash tray covers, Fender beads, Wheel arches, Windscreen, Mirrors, Interior controls, Steering wheel, Complete Air bag sets, Sun roof, Visors, Seat belt mechanisms, Window mechanisms, Door mechanisms and so much more at Sparesboyz.

We most definitely cater for our customer’s needs. We listen to what the customer requires. We make sure that we are your No 1 choice when it comes to searching for your second hand car parts. We have branches in Cape Town and Durban and we can deliver throughout Africa. We offer you good spares always and our quality is always excellent. We are aimed at making sure, you receive the best in new and used car parts. Sparesboyz Durban and Sparesboyz Cape Town offers you a wide selection of spare parts. We most definitely cater for our customer’s needs. We listen to what the customer requires. We have set systems in place to ensure that you leave a satisfied customer.

Buying Second Hand Engines in South Africa