Freedom day is greatly awaited yearly and is always celebrated with honour as a South African. Greetings to everybody out there today, we are in the process if celebrating an important day this month, Freedom day. What is freedom day? It is basically when South Africa became one nation, united and peaceful.

Today we are all free in South Africa and that’s our right, we have elections coming up that’s our duty to make every single voice count just the same as it’s our duty at Sparesboyz to make sure every single customer has excellent quality service the customer deserves this. We in South Africa deserve to be free to live in a country that is successful that is growing that is emerging we just so excited about the future of Africa and we hope that you on this freedom day will celebrate what we have in Africa today. People have fought for it and we deserve this freedom, it’s a right of each one of us to make sure it happen so please join me fellow South Africans in celebrating freedom day because we are free, we are going to remain and stay free and that is what
we want as the South Africans, the spirit of Ubuntu. Have a great freedom day being positive and having a free mind set and making sure we all live in peace and love together in this country. Sparesboyz promotes peaceful and good living, we believe in Ubuntu and unity for all. This day should remind us of humble beginnings and fortifies us to move forward and a good way. We has South Africans have a lot to offer, our cultures are unique and beautiful. Let us all strive to live a blessed and good life, one nation, one people and happy together and celebrating Freedom day.


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