Sparesboyz would like to inform all our valued customers.

1. We are now taking the Covid-19 threat which has been declared a National disaster by President Ramaphosa, very seriously.
2. We will welcome you to the shop with a top-quality SABS spray to sanitise your hands on arrival.
3. Our staff is updated and all are educated on how to wash their hands properly and to do so on arrival at work, at teatime and on leaving work.
4. All offices have the same SABS approved spray.
5. Each delivery vehicle has been furnished with a bottle of hand sanitiser for the drivers and driver assistants to use on a continuous basis.
6. Our staff are utilising surface sanitisers to clean reception desk and staff desks
7. Handshakes and personal contact have been prohibited.

We do believe that we as a company have been proactive since the inception of this virus and are doing all we can to keep our employees, clients safe.

Should you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to call us on 031 5798500.

Kind regards
Staff and Management at Team Sparesboyz