Citroen Scrap Yard offers valuable parts for your car at an affordable price. Always be aware when you come across auto scrap yards that take full advantage of stripping, accident damaged vehicles. This is a place of gold and valuable parts. We at Sparesboyz do not just sell Citroen Scrap yard but we sell good, quality original used parts. We source the best vehicles and we make sure that it is what the customer requires.  Yes Citroen scrap yardare here to stay and have set the standards, to give you the best-used car parts.

So do not be afraid and stop by and let us assist you with the best in new and used car parts, our cars are stripped from bumper to bumper and it is readily available to you our loyal customers.

Sparesboyz Durban and Cape Town, we believe in what we sell, be it new or used parts. We know that the parts are of excellent quality. We are always striving at Sparesboyz to make sure our customers receive the best parts at the most affordable prices. We are importers and exporters of new and used engine and body parts in South Africa.

We arrange delivery throughout South Africa and Africa. We are non-authorised dealers. We stock a wide range of new and used spares suitable for: Honda spares, Tata spares, Mercedes spares, BMW spares, Hyundai spares, Kia spares, Renault spares, Peugeot spares, Citroen spares, Volvo spares, Land rover spares and Jeep spares. Visit us and let us help you at SparesboyzDurban and Cape Town.

Before you decide to give up on finding the correct part consider this, there are people out there that understand what you need.

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