Citroen parts available for all models

Citroen is one of the top car brands in South Africa. The fact that Citroën vehicles are considered low cost, their quality, their appearance and equipment are in no way inferior to other popular car brands.

Citroën Advantages

  • low fuel consumption
  • affordable price
  • spacious interior
  • original recognizable design
  • good handling
  • excellent visibility of the windshield
  • sensitive brakes

Citroen becomes an ideal car to drive on the road even with quirky styling, solid built quality and French flair.

We dismantle Citroen’s daily at our Durban and Capetown branches providing you the customer with good affordable parts.

There is a huge need for Citroen parts in South Africa and we are your one stop shop that provides you with these car parts.

We are specialists in spare parts. We not only strip accident damaged cars but we also source new parts via international platforms. If you require an engine or gearbox, we are qualified to get you the best part be it new or used. We have the utmost confidence in the spare parts that we sell and can locate for you.

Sparesboyz Durban and Capetown offers you a wide selection of spare parts. We most definitely cater for our customer’s needs. We listen to what the customer requires. We have set systems in place to ensure that you leave a satisfied customer. Sparesboyz Durban and Capetown are non-authorised dealers. We have experienced salesman that are here to help you with all your Citroen needs. View our latest Citroen cars stripping for spares.

If you are interested,  please contact us via our online form. Please choose the city closest to you Durban or Capetown.