Cheap Spare parts for your valuable vehicle are typically needed when you experience a sudden breakdown or you need to service your car without breaking the bank. You could choose to use original parts at a higher price or you could use a cheap aftermarket part that is quality tested by us.

What is the difference between OEM and cheap spare parts?

OEM parts – are built by the vehicle manufacturer for a type of make and model of vehicle. These parts are made to fit the specs of a vehicle perfectly and usually are the only parts offered by car dealers. With OEM, you get the perfect fit for your vehicle. There is only one OEM part for each car, so the quality and costs have no comparisons. OEM cheap spare parts are sold through dealerships only and are around 60 percent more expensive than aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket Parts – may or may not be made by the original vehicle manufacturer. These parts are sold for those vehicles which are sold. Aftermarket parts are made by third-party manufacturers and are designed for a variety of vehicles. The fitment and quality of cheap spare parts are not standard. Aftermarket parts cost less than OEM parts and they are available countrywide. With aftermarket parts, we can choose where we would like to have our vehicles serviced, repaired, or customized. Not all aftermarket parts are made the same. It’s best to stick to well-known trusted brands.

Choosing good aftermarket brands may not be dirt cheap, but they will be much cheaper than OEM parts and with the same quality assurance.

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