Why is it recommended that your car radiator water bottle be changed

Basically these bottles are made out of plastic and as we all know that heat travels under the bonnet of your car while travelling. So, how does my car radiator water bottle work. Let me explain, heat expands and contracts the bottle. Your car engine is so powerful and the temperature of your car engine increases while you driving. Your vehicle as a built in cooling system in place that stops this from happening. Your water needs to be constantly checked because rapid water loss could result in your car overheating and killing your car engine and costing you a ton of money. In some cases, a warning light will come on but in most cases the car radiator water bottle could have an airline crack and it is easy for the water to escape. You need to check how many times, you filling water and get it replaced as soon as possible. This bottle is found next to the radiator of your motor vehicle. Water bottles come in different shapes, sizes and types. It is best to remove it from your car and take it to your nearest spares supplier. You can purchase new or an original used water bottle. Make sure you understand that the lifespan of a water bottle differs from one car to the next and depends on your daily travelling. It is also good to check if your surrounding car parts around the water bottle are also in a good condition. Check the radiator, the radiator hoses, if they are not brittle or leaking. Prevention is better than cure. Always check at the garage that your water level is normal. This simple car radiator water bottle serves a huge purpose in your car.

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