Every driver should have familiarity with car body parts. While not everyone will have the skills of an auto mechanic, it is really helpful to know the basic car body parts and to understand their function. Having this important knowledge will help the driver if, car trouble occurs. Here are some vital car body parts:

  • Battery – So you want to turn your car on? You need to have a good battery.
  • Axle- You got keep your car rolling.
  • Good suspension – is very important.
  • Secure seat belts – front and rear.
  • Tyres – are super important and always ensure it has enough life while travelling long distance or just making sure it is road worthy.
  • Brakes-Having trusty brakes is essential to driving a safe car. When you start to hear those things squeak at red lights, it might be time to head into the shop and get some new ones.
  • Pistons-These are best when they’re pumping smoothly and quickly.
  • Fuel injectors- This little thing gets the gas from the fuel tank into the engine.
  • Radiator-The radiator is part of the system that keeps your car’s engine from overheating.
  • AC Compressor-If you want to stay cool during those hot summer days, this is one of the components you’ll have to have.
  • Clutch- While you can only see the pedal at work while you’re driving, these plates are out of sight and working hard to keep you driving smoothly.
  • Engine fan-While the radiator does a pretty good job of keeping things cool, it can use some help. Fans like this one exist to keep air flowing over the radiator, facilitating the cool down of the engine coolant.
  • Spare tyre-Ok, this isn’t technically a necessary car part. Regardless, it’s still very important to have one of these with you at all times. Just because you have one, though, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.
  • Car jack- …a car jack. Very important to carry.
  • Triangle – for any emergencies that might occur, if you get stuck on the road
  • Transmission-Here’s where the power turns into movement. The transmission takes the energy generated in the engine and transmits it to the connected wheels.
  • Spark plugs-The spark plug is what you use to get the car started. It uses an electric spark to ignite fuel in the engine’s ignition chamber.
  • Alternator-This neat piece of technology is what allows your car battery to charge while the engine is running.
  • The engine – is the heart of a car but without help from the other car body parts, your car will not be able to move smoothly.

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