A very popular question, we all ask ourselves most of the time. Where can I buy car parts from? It is really difficult today to find a good place to buy car spares from. You have to consider, its location, trading times and the customer service. No use walking into a place, where there is no positivity and good vibe. Where can I buy car parts from? that is the question. I look at affordability, customer service and reputation. I look at the vibe of the place and how helpful the salesman are. I look at the concern and the advice that I receive. When I do find a good place to buy spares, I definitely stick to it.

Where can I buy car parts from close too me

Sparesboyz is type of place, warm and secure. Good customer service and definitely we have the spares you need. We specialize in 12 unique brands of vehicle and these are Mercedes spares, Honda spares, BMW spares, Hyundai parts, Kia spares, Tata spares, Renault spares, Citroen spares, Jeep spares, Land Rover spares, Volvo spares and Peugeot spares. Big or small we do it all, to find a part you need is not a problem because we have set systems in place to locate your car part, be it locally or internationally. Our friendly, well trained team always ensures that our customers get the highest level of service possible. Sparesboyz is a very neat and well organized establishment, allowing our customers to safely browse through our cars that are going to be stripped. We have ample parking at our premises and it is safe and secure, making your experience a happy one. That popular question, Where can I buy car parts from? Sparesboyz has your answer.

We Deliver!

We arrange delivery throughout South Africa and Africa. We offer you a fast and efficient delivery service and have access to all major courier services, so no matter where you are we will be able to supply you with the part(s) you have been searching for.


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Where can I buy BMW car parts from